Why participate?

The right ​​medication can make a world of difference

It can mean that patients have more energy and freedom of movement, and it can reduce their symptoms. It all starts with research into a potential medication. And that’s where you can help. 

From a simple paracetamol to a complex medicine: before drugs are available on the market, extensive research is needed. One of the clinical trial phases is the testing of a potential new medication on (healthy) people. That may sound a bit scary, but a lot of research has already been done and risks have been ruled out. This happens under strict supervision. That’s how we guarantee your safety. 

Deelnemer ligt in bed terwijl arts vragen stelt in de QPS kliniek.
Deelnemer ligt in bed terwijl arts uitleg geeft over het onderzoek van QPS.

Why participate in ​clinical trials​?

Help with clinical trials to contribute to a better life for the people around you. In just a few days, you can make a world of difference

Any reason is OK. Participate... 

  • to contribute to research that changes lives 
  • for the sociable atmosphere in the QPS clinic 
  • to have some you-time 
  • and for the financial compensation you receive 


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That’s why you join QPS

Without medication we can’t do anything, but without participants in clinical trials we cannot develop possible new medications. As a participant, you play an important and indispensable role. So at QPS we always focus on you, the participant. We make sure you are safe with us. Our well-qualified and committed doctors and nurses make sure that our clinic is a pleasant and safe place to spend time. A place where you feel at home and are appreciated.

“The nurses really try to make time for you. They are busy, but they still know your name and come to talk to you. I had a pleasant stay here.” 

When you contribute to healthcare,
you can expect to be looked after properly

At QPS you are not a number, but part of the family. Previous participants had the following experience: 


“I have always felt comfortable and safe during my stay.”
Erik, participant Oct '21
“Even though I don't speak dutch, I got explained everything in english and I have been treated just as good as the other participants. Everything was super exact, so it showed how careful they are. A very pleasant experience, I'd recommend it to anyone, even if you're not dutch! :)”
Raul, participant Jan '23
“I am pampered all day with lovely attention, delicious food, a warm and cozy family feeling, where I feel more than at home. I always come back home rejuvenated and rested: a true spa! Thank you QPS!”
Helena, participant Dec '22

Who would you like to help?

View the clinical trials and make your choice