Trial CS0398

Ischemic stroke

The drug that is being researched would work by activating certain cells in the brain. These cells support the activity of the nerve cells in the brain. Activating these cells may repair the damage to the brain caused by a stroke and provide protection against further damage.

Oudere deelneemster zit op de rand van het bed in de QPS kliniek
Oudere deelneemster zit op de rand van het bed in de QPS kliniek

How does it work?

Good to know

  • To determine whether you are suitable for participation in this study, you will undergo a medical screening. This medical screening will take place up to 28 days before the first study day.
  • The drug will be administered by infusion.
  • For participating at this trial you'll receive a compensation of  €1.804 gross.

The trial in a nutshell:

  • Intake by telephone and a medical screening
  • A stay at our clinic from 6 days / 5 nights.
  • Subsequently, you will return for one visits after your clinic stay. After your clinic stay you will return for a follow-up visit.

See if you are eligible to participate

“Even though I don't speak dutch, I got explained everything in english and I have been treated just as good as the other participants. Everything was super exact, so it showed how careful they are. A very pleasant experience, I'd recommend it to anyone, even if you're not dutch! :)”
Raul, participant Jan '23
“I have felt like home at QPS. All the staff were very nice to every volunteer.”
Neringa, participant Jan '22
“I am pampered all day with lovely attention, delicious food, a warm and cozy family feeling, where I feel more than at home. I always come back home rejuvenated and rested: a true spa! Thank you QPS!”
Helena, participant Dec '22

Are you suitable?

Dan kan je mogelijk een belangrijke bijdrage leveren

  • Healthy men or woman
  • 18 to 65 years old
  • BMI is between 18 - 30 kg/m2 -
  • Minimum weight is between 50 and 100 kg.
  • You do not smoke more than 20 cigarettes per week
  • You do not drink more than 5 cups caffeinated drinks per day
  • If you have taken part in a drug study before, a period of at least 30 days must have passed between your final dose of the previous study and the first dose of this study.

In this video we explain how participation in a clinical trial works

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A little bit of your time for life-long impact

By participating in this research into a potential new medicines that could help with ischemic stroke, you can help people around the world to live better lives. The right medication can make a world of difference for these patients. It all starts with research into a potential new medication. And thats where you can help. 

Participate to benefit someone else and have some time for yourself 
Watch Netflix, read books, play board games or work on your laptop: time on your hands to do what you like! Participating in clinical trials means contributing to a better life for someone else, while also doing something for yourself.

More reasons to participate: 

  • A free personal health check 
  • Financial compensation of €1.804
  • Time to relax, study or work 
  • A companionable stay; become part of the QPS family 
Twee mannelijke deelnemers achter de playstation in de QPS kliniek.

That’s why you join QPS

Without medication we can’t do anything, but without participants in clinical trials we cannot develop possible new medications. As a participant, you play an important and indispensable role. 

So at QPS we always focus on you, the participant. We make sure you are safe with us. Our well-qualified and committed doctors and nurses make sure that our clinic is a pleasant and safe place to spend time. A place where you feel at home and are appreciated. Professional yet companionable. Safe without it feeling clinical. That is clinical trials at QPS. 

Hilma klinisch verpleegkundige QPS geneesmiddelenonderzoek
Hilma Hamming
clinical nurse since 2008
"You basically only need to bring some clean clothes and toiletries. Everything else is here. As many clean towels as you need, your bed made, breakfast, lunch and dinner. Some participants bring a PlayStation or their own board games, but we have plenty of those here anyway!"

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Frequently asked questions
How is the amount of compensation determined?

This depends on the length of your stay and on the number of treatments carried out during the research. The compensation is determined per study and approved by the Medical Ethics Review Committee (MERC).

Where do I stay during my participation?

QPS Nederland has 2 research clinics in Groningen. Our main research clinic is on the grounds of the University Medical Centre Groningen. While our second clinic and screening centre is located opposite the main entrance of the hospital.

What can I expect?

Do you wonder what a day in our clinic looks like? You are not the only one! When you participate in clinical trials (at QPS or elsewhere) for the first time, there is a lot to discover. What do you do with your time, what are the other participants like, how friendly are the doctors and nursing staff? But also: what is expected of you? 

A day in a clinic differs per clinical trial, but all studies have a number of elements in common. Below, we will outline a sample situation and take you through a stay with us in the clinic. What does your actual research period look like? That depends on the clinical trial in which you participate. It will be explained to you when you arrive at the clinic.

Click here for more information about your stay at the QPS clinic. 

Is this clinical trial safe?

Participation in a clinical trial is safer than driving in traffic. This is because the government (the Medical Ethics Review Committee) and QPS put your safety first. For example, there are clear laws and they are properly monitored. In addition, our experienced team of doctors and nurses ensures that your participation is safe and pleasant.

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